2015 Lincoln MKZ Delivers Style and Innovation

Lincoln has a reputation for developing groundbreaking luxury vehicles. Unsurprisingly, the new Lincoln MKZ is packed with awe-inspiring technology. Here are four of the most exciting features available on the 2015 Lincoln MKZ.

EcoBoost Performance
Designed with a turbocharger, the MKZ’s base EcoBoost engine is a solid performer. Not only does the four-engine produce a satisfying 240 horsepower, but it also helps the sedan to deliver great gas mileage. Drivers can expect to get an impressive 33 mpg on the highway.

LED Adaptive Headlights
Alpharetta, GA has a very high deer population. If you plan to do a lot of traveling at night, the MKZ’s LED adaptive headlights will definitely help keep you safe. The headlights actually move according to the steering position. Special sensors also enable the headlights to automatically detect oncoming traffic.

Retractable Panoramic Sunroof
The new MKZ is available with one of the most innovative sunroofs on the market. When fully retracted, the panoramic sunroof provides more than 15 cubic feet of natural lighting. This is a major plus for drivers who enjoy the beauty and feel of nature.

THX II Certified Audio System

If you love listening to music, the THX II Certified audio system will keep you entertained. Equipped with a 700-watt amplifier, the THX II Certified audio system maintains excellent clarity even at a high volume. The subwoofers will surely upgrade your music-listening experience.


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