It Pays to Have Your Lincoln Serviced by a Dealer

In Gainesville, there are hundreds upon hundreds of auto service centers and repair shops that claim they have the knowledge and experience necessary to service value brands and luxury Lincolns alike. If you love your Lincoln and you want to get it the best possible care, you should consider taking it to a service center that knows the make inside and out. While some do stray from getting repairs done at an authorized dealership, these consumers do not know how this choice will pay off in the long run. Here are a couple of reasons why it pays to go to the dealer.

Factory-Trained Technicians

Every car manufacturer has its own unique manufacturing process and knowing this process is crucial to troubleshooting and spotting mechanical issues. Since the dealership works directly for the manufacturer, technicians receive special factory training programs that focus specifically on how to fix problems on the models that the company manufactures. The technicians also have access to valuable information and technology that independent dealers simply do not.

Better Customer Service Commitment

When you turn to a dealer for routine maintenance or vehicle repairs, they are committed to your satisfaction. This is especially true when you own a luxury brand like Lincoln. If you want to receive excellent service and want your vehicle to be completed on time, it pays to go to a franchised luxury dealer. This is why franchised new-car dealers with manufacturers like Lincoln top the charts in customer satisfaction, according to Consumer Reports surveys.

If you want timely repairs, excellent service and quality workmanship, then it is best to schedule repairs with the dealer. Since dealers have the right technology to pinpoint the problem quickly and thoroughly trained professionals who can assist you with specific concerns, you can have your car back in half the time, so that you can live your life.



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