The 2016 Lincoln Navigator SUV from Buford, GA Nearby Dealerships: Technology-Packed for Your Needs

The 2016 Lincoln Navigator keeps up with the modern times by offering technology features that will make life easier for you. Packed with state-of-the-art devices and applications, this SUV will provide your needs real-time through blind spot coverage, smart wipers, and hands-free connectivity.

Blind Spot Coverage

Blind spots expose you to safety risks, but the 2016 Lincoln Navigator helps cover these. With the standard Blind Spot Information System, the vehicle will alert you if it detects a vehicle outside of your line of vision. You will see a light in the appropriate exterior mirror indicating that there’s a vehicle in the area you cannot see, making this system an extra pair of eyes.

Smart Wipers

Activating your wipers is one less thing to think about when you’re riding a 2016 Lincoln Navigator. These special wipers have the ability to sense rain or snow, so they automatically get to work without you having to push a button. This allows you to maintain a clear view even during bad weathers.

Hands-Free Connectivity

It’s important to have your hands on the steering wheel at all times when driving. So, the 2016 Lincoln Navigator offers the new voice-activated SYNC® 3 for better driving experience and fast connectivity. Use your voice to activate mobile apps that are connected to your SYNC AppLink™. You can play your favorite songs by simply saying the title and the artist. It also features the 911 Assist® that calls 911 during emergencies. If you love technology, then you’ll find the 2016 Lincoln Navigator worth your money. Experience it yourself with the help of Lincoln dealerships around Buford, GA.


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