2016 Lincoln MKZ from Buford, GA Nearby Dealerships: Luxury and Safety Features

When it comes to cars, people often look for something that looks good while simultaneously keep them safe while they are driving. If you are looking for a car that takes both style and security seriously, then look no further than the 2016 Lincoln MKZ.

Uncompromising Luxury

While sitting in the luxurious seats of the 2016 Lincoln MKZ, you may find that you cannot help but feel the quality of the materials and the attention given to every single detail in the interior. The premium leather seats are comfortable and soft to touch. Even better, every inch of the car has that exquisite and expensive feel that only a Lincoln can provide.

Stay Safe in Traffic

The 2016 MKZ is also designed to keep you safe while you drive around in traffic. For instance, it has a lane-keeping system to monitor the road lane markings and determine the car’s position in relation to those. When it detects that you are drifting, a series of vibrations in the steering wheel will alert you and direct you back to safety.

The Blind spot Information System (BLIS) and the cross-traffic alerts, also serve as your second pair of eyes. Using radar, it alerts you of a vehicle approaching from your blindside and turns on the appropriate indicator in your exterior mirror. The cross-traffic alert, on the other hand, is useful when backing out of your driveway or out of a parking spot. It shows you any vehicle approaching from within 15 yards.

In the event of a crash, there are inflatable second-row safety belts to add extra support by distributing the force across your torso. This reduces the risk of injury significantly. For those interested in the Lincoln MKZ, visit a trusted Lincoln dealership near the Buford, GA area for a great deal.


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