2016 Lincoln MKX from Buford, GA Lincoln Dealerships: On Drive Control

Many innovations have made Lincoln’s line of vehicles more popular over the years, including revamped exteriors, comfortable interiors, and automated functions. One of the things that gave the cars a huge jump in their respective classes is the Lincoln Drive Control, which is actually a combination of three technologies. Drive Control is standard in most Lincoln vehicles, including the 2016 Lincoln MKX on show in Buford, GA Lincoln dealerships. Continue reading “2016 Lincoln MKX from Buford, GA Lincoln Dealerships: On Drive Control”


2016 Lincoln Navigator L near Cumming, GA: An SUV with Rugged Refinement

What does the “L” in the Navigator L stand for? If your guess is large, long, or loaded, then you’ve chosen three words that describe the Lincoln SUV perfectly. The 2016 Navigator L counts power, good handling, and topnotch interior as its main selling points. If the standard Navigator’s features and dimensions aren’t enough for you, then the Navigator L is sure to feed your needs for a beefier, heavier, feature-heavy SUV. Continue reading “2016 Lincoln Navigator L near Cumming, GA: An SUV with Rugged Refinement”

Better Control on the Road with the 2016 Lincoln Navigator from Athens, GA Lincoln Dealerships

In a few months, Spring will be here, and then Summer. Have you planned your outdoor trips and activities? Whatever you want to do and wherever you want to go, your road trips will be a lot easier and safer when you drive the 2016 Lincoln Navigator in Athens, GA, now on show in Lincoln dealerships nearby. Continue reading “Better Control on the Road with the 2016 Lincoln Navigator from Athens, GA Lincoln Dealerships”

2016 Lincoln MKC The Perfect Small Crossover For City Professionals

Part of Lincoln’s newly revitalized product lineup that features sleek designs and industry leading active safety technology, the improved 2016 Lincoln MKC compact luxury crossover SUV is now available with special holiday pricing at Jacky Jones Lincoln, serving Gainsville and the North Georgia Atlanta metropolitan region.
Continue reading “2016 Lincoln MKC The Perfect Small Crossover For City Professionals”

2016 Lincoln Navigator L from Cumming, GA Nearby Dealers: Quality Ride

Traveling on the road for hours can really take its toll, especially if there are a lot of people in the car. In order to make these experiences go more smoothly, you can upgrade to a full-sized SUV. These vehicles offer more room, and come with all sorts of entertainment features to make these types of trips fly right by. When it comes to larger SUVs, it’s hard to beat a 2016 Lincoln Navigator L. Continue reading “2016 Lincoln Navigator L from Cumming, GA Nearby Dealers: Quality Ride”

Families of Buford, GA Can’t Beat the 2016 Lincoln Navigator

Of all the full size SUVs roaming the streets today, you’ll find none better for your family than the 2016 Lincoln Navigator near Buford, GA. Once you see the redesigned exterior, complete with the classic holdovers that make for an instantly recognizable Navigator, you’ll know that the interior has been just as well crafted and fit for your family, no matter the size.

Once your family uses the power-deploying running boards to hoist themselves inside the 103.3 cubic feet of space, they’ll be greeted by three rows of seats that can easily hold seven passengers. The leather seats will comfortably support and relax every person inside during even the longest of drives. If you and your family are packing for a longer trip, the power-folding third row can give the 2016 Lincoln Navigator even more storage room, allowing your family to take a long trip with all the amenities of home.


The 2016 Lincoln Navigator is the Safest in Athens, GA

The 2016 Lincoln Navigator near Athens, GA is one of the safest vehicles on the road. You’ve seen the astounding array of features; you’ve experienced the grandeur of the exterior and the impeccable luxury of the comfortable interior; you’ve felt the power of the engine under the hood. This incredible SUV has earned a five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and for good reason. It is easily the safest full-size SUV for you and your passengers, no matter what happens.

The 2016 Lincoln Navigator comes with one of the toughest bodies in its class, taking the brunt of any impact while keeping your loved ones safe inside. The perfectly placed airbags safely cushion those inside from even the most catastrophic of crashes. But the main safety features of the 2016 Lincoln Navigator are those that prevent you and your passengers from ever experiencing an unexpected impact in the first place.