2016 Lincoln Navigator from Buford, GA Nearby Dealerships: Fine Luxury Vehicle

If you are looking to upgrade your travel experience, getting a full-size luxury vehicle really is the way to go. Long-distance trips can be tedious and time-consuming, but you can make the most out of it with the right luxury vehicle. When it comes to overall class and exceptional features, it doesn’t get any better than a 2016 Navigator.

Great Engine

One of this vehicle’s most attractive assets is its powerful 5.4 liter V8 engine, which offers 310 horsepower. Add to this a six-speed automatic transmission, and you’ve got yourself a luxury dream machine. The engine’s power is particularly helpful for hauling a lot of luggage, or for driving in different types of climates. You can feel the power behind the steering wheel, giving you that adrenaline-pumping experience every time you drive.


A great thing about the newer models is that they have all sorts of technology-focused features. One in particular that comes in handy on long road trips is the Bluetooth compatibility. Whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, Bluetooth lets you sync up any mobile device with the Navigator. Listening to music or watching movies on the road will never be the same again. Lincoln Dealerships near Buford, GA can customize your Navigator as well, whether you want different speakers or flip-down LCD monitors.

Luxury and class are two words that perfectly describe any model of the Navigator. It’s a timeless vehicle, and it definitely impresses wherever it goes.


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