Better Control on the Road with the 2016 Lincoln Navigator from Athens, GA Lincoln Dealerships

In a few months, Spring will be here, and then Summer. Have you planned your outdoor trips and activities? Whatever you want to do and wherever you want to go, your road trips will be a lot easier and safer when you drive the 2016 Lincoln Navigator in Athens, GA, now on show in Lincoln dealerships nearby.

For Increased Power

Promising a powerful and safe ride, the Lincoln Navigator features the Control Trac 4WD system with track control, allowing better handling on the road, and a twin-turbocharged 3.5L v6 Ecoboost® engine that releases fuel-efficient power.

For Towing

Hauling boats or other things will not be a problem with the Navigator. With best-in-class towing, the SUV allows you to pull as much as 9,000 pounds. Its six-speed automatic transmission with tow/haul option stabilizes the towing effort by preventing you to increase speed when going downhill or to maintain momentum going up. The vehicle’s trailer sway control works with its traction control feature to watch the car’s movement.

For Better Control

The car’s SelectShift offers two main choices, the Progressive Range Select mode and the Full Manual mode. With the first, you can limit the gears to use while in Drive to ensure consistent speed in rocky or hilly terrains. It also prevents you from accidentally hitting the upper gears when the car is fully loaded or towing. The Full Manual mode, meanwhile, gives you a free hand to choose the entire range of gears.

So, this early, plan your road trips with the car that keeps you in control. Check out the 2016 Lincoln Navigator!


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