2016 Lincoln MKX from Buford, GA Lincoln Dealerships: On Drive Control

Many innovations have made Lincoln’s line of vehicles more popular over the years, including revamped exteriors, comfortable interiors, and automated functions. One of the things that gave the cars a huge jump in their respective classes is the Lincoln Drive Control, which is actually a combination of three technologies. Drive Control is standard in most Lincoln vehicles, including the 2016 Lincoln MKX on show in Buford, GA Lincoln dealerships.

Continuously Controlled Damping

Continuously Controlled Damping (CCD) suspension manages the performance of various elements to ensure optimum overall performance and improve driving dynamics. The CCD covers 12 sensors that monitor close to 50 inputs about road conditions, which the system reads in only milliseconds. Its role is to process these inputs and make immediate adjustments to suspension and car movement to reduce the impact of certain road factors, like potholes. In both normal and alarm conditions, the system automatically enhances shock absorption for the car’s benefit.

Power-assisted Steering

Aside from the suspension, the Lincoln Drive Control also manages steering requirements automatically, depending on the car’s speed. In low-speed situations, the Lincoln MKX loosens the steering mechanism to enable smooth driving. When driving in higher speeds, the system tightens the steering mechanism for better maneuverability.

Active Noise Control

This is the easiest to understand among the three important technologies. It simply means reducing outside noise to minimize distraction for the driver. The Lincoln Drive Control compensates for its fine infotainment features by making the car quieter than most, allowing the driver to detect unusual sounds in the engine or other components, should they arise.


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