The 2016 Lincoln Navigator L from Dealerships near Buford, GA: Spacious Rides Await

If you take trips with friends or family often, it is always nice to have a vehicle that is spacious. This is what you get with the new 2016 Lincoln Navigator L. This large SUV comes equipped with modern features that help you enjoy every moment on the road.

Key Tech Features

Since this car is brand new, you have so many modern tech features to take advantage of. The SYNC 3 is voice-activated and it makes doing tasks on the inside easy while driving. In terms of safety, you can drive with confidence because this SUV has emergency braking. So if you are distracted and are about to hit something, the brake system takes over and brings the vehicle to a complete stop. This helps minimize collisions.

Lane-departure warning is another safety feature that is useful to have. If you start swerving into another lane, sensors sound an alarm to help you get back in the right lane.

Distinct Interior

 In terms of luxury, it doesn’t get much better than this Lincoln’s interior. It has a bold look, featuring fine materials like leather and wood. There is plenty of legroom for passengers on long-distance road trips. You have over 18.1 cubic feet of storage to use, which makes it easy to travel with a lot of luggage and other cargo items.

In order to see what other features this dynamic ride offers, head to Lincoln dealerships surrounding Buford, GA to try this vehicle out. You can enjoy traveling with friends and family for hours.


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