The 2017 Lincoln Continental from Dealerships Serving Athens, GA: New Life for the Lincoln Brand

The 2017 Lincoln Continental is the latest in a slew of redesigned and new models from this acclaimed luxury car maker. Thanks to a V6 twin-turbocharged 3.0L GTDI engine, a powerful AWD and an efficient horsepower-per-liter output powertrain, the 2017 Continental is one car you are sure to love driving.

Performance and Power Trains

Both the 2.7 turbo and 3.7 will be available either front- or AWD, while the Lincoln Continental 3.0T bad-boy is only AWD. The AWD system comes with rear axle torque vectoring. For all the engines, a 6-speed automatic takes care of your shifting duties. You can select drive modes between Comfort, Sport, and Normal for adjusting steering effort, damper firmness, and shift mapping.

Trim Levels

The 2017 Lincoln Continental will be available in 4-trim levels: Black Label, Premiere, Select, and Reserve. The Black Label will be provided in 3-different themes: Chalet, Thoroughbred and Rhapsody (exclusive to the Continental). For those who want something that fits them to a tee, it is almost impossible not to find one.

Driving Experience

The Continental’s Perfect Position Seat is refreshingly customizable, featuring thigh extenders that you can easily adjust to maximize comfort levels whenever the situation demands. With confident presence, an athletic grace, and very sleek flowing lines seeking new frontiers, the 2017 Lincoln Continental is one remarkably soothing adventure.

If you thought the previous Lincolns were good, just wait until you check out the 2017 Continental. Looking for the ultimate luxury in a quality car? Visit Lincoln dealerships serving Athens, GA to find out more about this luxurious car that arrives later this year.


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